Google Calendar in Windows 7

This is a short post on how you can display your Google calendar on your Windows 7 desktop.


First of all you have to download theĀ Windows Live Calendar Gadget. Next go to the settings of your Google calendar.


Now click on your calendar and select the private ICAL address.


Copy the shown address and paste it into the settings of the Windows Live Calendar Gadget.



That’s it. :)

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14 thoughts on “Google Calendar in Windows 7

  1. I like the calendar but there is a flaw that drives me crazy :(
    It will not display Google calendar birthday and events for contacts.
    That calendar offers only HTML link not iCal and that link doesn’t work in the gadget.

    Is there any workaround for that?


  2. Hey guys, this gadget works really well at first glance, only thing I found is that if I delete (possibly also change, but haven’t tried that??) an event in google calendar, it doesn’t change in the gadget (I changed something many hours ago and the “check changes” option is set to 2 minutes). Am I doing something wrong here?

  3. I had the same problem, but was copying from the “Calendar Address”. Be sure to use the “Private Address” from Google Calendar.

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