Magnetic Field Measurement with an Arduino, a HMC5883L and a Piezo Speaker

Sat, Jun 8, 2013 One-minute read

This is a tutorial on how to do magnetic field measurement with an Arduino, a HMC5883L triple axis magnetometer and a Piezo Speaker.

First of all, here is a schematic on how to hook up everything.

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HMC5883L GND -> Arduino GND

HMC5883L VCC -> Arduino 3.3V

HMC5883L SDA -> Arduino A4

HMC5883L SCL -> Arduino A5

Piezo Speaker – -> Arduino D10 (Any digital PWM port is sufficient)

Piezo Speaker + -> Arduino GND

Let’s get to the programming part.

First of all download this HMC5883L Arduino library:


Then put the HMC5883L folder into your library.

Default Library Folder Location

Mac: In (home directory)/Documents/Arduino/libraries

PC: My Documents -> Arduino -> libraries

Linux: (home directory)/sketchbook/libraries

Once this is done you can start programming.

I’ve put my code on Github, you can find it here:

It should not be hard to understand. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write a comment.

Sources and other helpful sites: