My First Blender Creations

Wed, Oct 3, 2012 One-minute read

I’ve wanted to learn using the open source 3D computer graphics software Blender for a long time.

Last month I finally managed to put some time into it. I’ve designed some spaceship chassis for a German browser game called Omega-Day.

You can watch them “in action” here on the bottom left:

I’ve also uploaded them to this blog, you can find them at the 3D Art (Blender) page in the art section.

Thanks to svenniemannie for letting me use his spaceship texture.


Another thing I’ve created this alien:

I originally intended to use it as an image for the race whose spaceship chassis I’ve created but it didn’t fit that well.

I’ve used the Monster Alien Skin Texture by SweetSoulSister. I’m not satisfied with how it looks, but that’s my fault. The textures are really great.