Resize Multiple Images at Once with IrfanView

Sun, Sep 30, 2012 One-minute read

This is a tutorial on how to resize multiple images at once using the free program IrfanView.

Imagine you have a folder with several photos which you want to make smaller so you can mail them to friends or upload them somewhere.

First open IrfanView and select File and click on Batch Conversion/Rename.

In the batch conversion window navigate to your images on the top right and add them. Also specify an output directory. I’d use a separate folder within the current one.

The next step is to set the new size. Check “Use advanced options (for bulk resize…)” and click on Advanced.

There are many options but the only thing we need for this tutorial is resize. Just set the width or the height, leave the rest empty and click on OK. It’s important to use either width or height and not both so the pictures don’t get distorted.

Now back in the batch conversion window click on Start Batch. A new window should appear saying that the batch conversion is done. That’s it!