QTTabBar: Tabs for Windows

Sun, Nov 20, 2011 2-minute read

In this post I’ll show you another nice tool to enhance your Windows. QTTabBar adds tabs and some other nice features to the Windows Explorer. I’ll just show you some basic stuff, there is a lot to discover.

You can download QTTabBar from the official homepage:  http://qttabbar.sourceforge.net/

UPDATE 19.04.2014:

The version on the Sourceforge page seems to no longer be actively maintained and does not work on Windows 8. However there is another version of this software that does work and seems to be actively maintained. You can find it at::



After installing it, your Explorer window should look like this:



If you right-click your Tab, you can see some extra functions:


Most of the things here should be self explanatory. Groups are very nice. You can create groups and add folders to them. Now you can click on the star on the left and select one of your groups, this will open all of the groups folders in separate tabs.


You will also notice a little arrow pointing down when you move your mouse over a folder, if you click on that, a drop down menu will show you all the folders and files located inside of it and you can then jump directly to where you want.


You can also just move any folder to your tab bar and it will appear as a new tab.


Like I’ve already said, there are lot’s of feature you can discover, just play a little around with it.