Dexpot: Virtual Desktops for Windows

Fri, Nov 11, 2011 2-minute read

If you’ve ever used Linux and went back to Winows, you’ll sure miss the virtual desktops. Dexpot is a free (for private use) program that gives you virtual desktops just like in Linux. You have a lot of settings and can configure it as you like.

You can download it from


First of all, one thing I really appreciate about this program is that it allows you to copy windows to every workspace, so for example if you are using two monitors like me and want to have a video on one of the monitors all the time, you can simple “copy” it to every virtual desktop.


Dexpot has a lot of functions and as far as I see it, it can do everything the workspaces in Linux do and maybe even more. I’ll just quote some stuff from the homepage and add some screenshots so you can see how it looks.



Activate in ‘Settings • Plugins and Extras’.

This plugin adds a grid layout to your desktops.

  • Animation during desktop switching
  • Switch left, right, up or down in the grid
  • Copy or move a window left, right, up or down in the grid


2 Monitors

1 Monitor



Taskbar Pager

Activate in ‘Settings • Plugins and Extras’.

This plugin integrates a pager similar to the “Desktop Preview” directly into the Windows taskbar.

  • Switch desktops with a single click
  • Drag & Drop a window to another desktop
  • To copy a window, drag it while holding the Ctrl key



Activate in ‘Settings • Plugins and Extras’.

Dexcube offers 3D transition effects.

In order to use Dexcube, you need DirectX 9 (pre-installed since Windows XP).

Possible transition effects:

  • Cube
  • Breakfast plate
  • Wall
  • Filmstrip

Change the zoom settings in order to get more effect variations.


Press Ctrl+Alt and Up-arrow. Keep Ctrl+Alt pressed, additionally press Right-arrow or Left-arrow to rotate the cube.

Official Video:


And there is a lot more!

I hope you like it as much as I do. If you have questions or want me to test something or just want to tell your opinion, feel free to write a comment. 🙂