New Theme

Sat, Aug 20, 2011 One-minute read

Even though I’ve changed the theme just a month ago, I made a new one. This time I’ve tried to focus more on usability. It is based on the Oulipo theme by A. Mignolo. I’ve chosen this one because of the very nice typography. If you like it or have any suggestions, feel free to write a comment.


Unfortunately Firefox does not display my custom font for the recent tweets title (the blue box in the header). It seems that @font-face does not work since FF 3.6.10. Here is a link on that topic:

After searching for a while, I’ve found this:

It seems that in my case it is a cross domain problem, as I am also using the domain on which the title is displayed. Not in the font I want it to be, but it is displayed. I’ve tried the .htaccess fix but it does not work.