Google Chrome – Prevent Spying with Kill-ID

Sun, Oct 3, 2010 One-minute read

Google Chrome is in my opinion the best browser available at the moment. It’s very fast and you can get an extension for everything you need. The only thing you could complain about are the “spying features”. Of course there are some other browsers based on chromium and without these features (SR Iron, ChromePlus), but they are always a little bit out-dated and lot’s of plugins require the current version of Chrome.

I just found a solution for this. The program Kill-ID, it gives you full control of the features and lets you deactivate them.

You can get it from the official homepage:

It’s in German, but that should be no problem.

Here in short what the options do:

  1. Chrome-ID

  2. Send auto-completed url to Google

  3. Send navigation errors (Not existing homepage/wrong url,…) to Google

  4. Send user statistics and error messages to Google

  5. Resolve the IP of every link on the homepage

  6. Google Cookies

  7. Google Update program

Aktivieren == Activate || Deaktivieren == Deactivate